Anti-Seize Compound

Mr McKenic® Anti-Seize Compound

Product description:

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Mr McKenic® – Anti-Seize Compound is formulated as a premium metallic compound that prevents high temperature galling and seizing, as well as corrosion over a wide range of applications.

It contains micro-size particles such as copper and aluminum, specially blended as a creamy and smooth paste that allows for quick and easy coating on both small and large fasteners. After application, studs, bolts, flanges, gaskets and other mated parts can now be removed much easier, saving unnecessary costs resulting from changing of replacing parts or increase in man-hours. When applied on moving parts such as hinges and joints, Mr McKenic® – Anti-Seize Compound can help to prevent seizure and corrosion.

Product features:

  • Prevents Galling, Seizing and Fretting.
  • Withstand High Temperature
  • Seals out Moisture.
  • Reduces Friction.
  • Prevents Galvanic Corrosion
  • Easy Application
  • Save Time and Labour Cost
  • Repair Threads

Application for use:

Mr McKenic® – Anti-Seize Compound is widely used in marines, constructions, military, industries, aviations, oil & gas plants, furnaces, steel mills, shafts, automotives, etc.

Common areas of applications include bolts, bushings, fittings, flanges, nuts, hinges, pivots, plugs, threaded surfaces, castings, couplings, cylinders heads, drill collars, drive chains, splints, tool joints, valve retaining rings, well pumps, etc.

Direction for use:

For Aerosol Can

  1. Removes all existing lubricants and dirt from mating surfaces before application.
  2. Shake Can well before use.
  3. Apply a thin coating to mating surfaces before assembling the part.
  4. After application, invert can, spray to clear nozzle.